Veil Nanoscience Inc.

Veil Nanoscience, Inc. was a collaboration with Toronto-based author Carrie Cutforth of Queen Spade Creative that saw us creating the alternate reality game experience while she handled the writing of a stand-alone novella, [DEL]’s Diary, that was released as part of the experience.

What started with thirty brochures sent out as direct mail from the fictional bio-technology company Veil Nanoscience, Inc., the six-week event had participants unraveling the mysteries of two missing characters; a teenage girl who had disappeared years ago in the midst of Veil's mysterious Project-77, and a current Veil Nanoscience employee who stumbled across (and made public) a long-hidden journal, the aforementioned [DEL]’s Diary. Through their exploration, participants uncovered decades of hidden secrets leading back to Veil’s involvement in the CIA's strange MK-ULTRA experiments.

We incorporated various methods of character interaction such as email, text messages, and social media and built a living world across various fictional websites. We also utilized real world locations discussed in the fictional story, planting dead drops full of top-secret documents, a USB drive with cryptic audio recordings, and even flowers at the location of a character’s death. At the end of the experience, players helped find the lead character and help them escape in a live SMS-based event, all of which was documented on a fan-created wiki.